Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Conversational mushrooms

The Mushroom Council

Did you know there was a council for Mushrooms?! Well I didn’t until I was asked to illustrate some ads for them. The mushroom plays the sensible, straight talking one in these little scenarios of conversations with other food types. Whilst writing the copy about how wonderfully delicious mushrooms are and how good they are for you, I almost began to have mushroom cravings – very strange as ordinarily I am not that keen on them!

You can see the mushroom council’s website at designed by Ruby Agency – look out for the funny little wobbling mushrooms when you go to click on something! 


  1. These are great Harriet. I hadn't heard of the Mushroom Council either and I am particularly fond of them!

  2. Wow! It sounds like a great project to be involved with and a lot
    of Fungi! Oh dear sorry, wonderful illustrations and lovely colours, Fantastic stuff Harriet!

  3. love your writing! it makes me crave badly for those flavoursome fellows too :-P