Friday, 25 June 2010

A work of Persol

Sunglasses and art

Hello Ciao. Well, it’s been a busy couple of months. I have spent much of it working with Edizioni Corraini on this book, commissioned by Italian sunglasses company Persol. It was an unusual and challenging project - as well as making sunglasses, Persol have a collection of contemporary art: 17 specially commissioned pieces by young artists from all over the world.  My job was to make links between the sunglasses and the works of art, with the essential idea being that Persol glasses are a work of art themselves. Although it seemed an impossible task at first, after a week in Milan working intensively on it in the Corraini’s studio, the ideas and drawings began to flow (helped along by some lovely Italian food…) The final result (I think) is almost like a cross between an exhibition catalogue and a sketchbook with it’s mix of photography, text and drawing. 

The book has a punched cover with special sheets that can be inserted to give different views through the glasses. It was launched in Basel last week at a very swish do with  copious amounts of prosecco flowing….or some type of sparkling wine, it was very nice anyway! 

All images from the book Art in process. A work of Persol. © 2010 Luxottica Group spa  © 2010 Maurizio Corraini srl

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  1. What an amazing project! I am utterly jealous, particularly because you got to work in Milan for a week! Well done Harriet.