Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ilustrarte exhibition

Last week the children's book illustration biennial 'Ilustrarte' opened in Lisbon at the museum of electricity. Three of my pieces from 'Drawing in the Sea' published by Edizioni Corraini were chosen for the show - 'Large and small', 'The Bermuda triangle', and 'Deep sea divers'. I am grateful to fellow illustrator and exhibitor Gaia Stella for taking these pictures, as I haven't been able to visit yet but am hoping to do so soon! The exhibition is on in Lisbon until April 13th, after which it moves to Madrid and Ghent. More information is available on the Ilustrarte website.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cover for the Journal of Anatomy

My illustration on the subject of motor neurone disease has been used on the cover of this month's Journal of Anatomy. 
The idea is of a motor neuron 'tree' with the nerve endings (dendrites) forming the branches, the axon the trunk and the roots being formed by the terminal endings. I wanted to show the tree - usually something strong, natural and healthy, slowly deteriorating with the addition of a woodpecker pecking away at the neuron trunk, showing the damage in a gentle, subtle way. 
The image was originally created as a test piece for 'The Lancet' but was never used, so it's good to see it finally see the light of day! 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Illustration for Red Magazine

Happy new year! Hope you had a good break over the festive season. Here's a little illustration I did for the January issue of Red magazine. The article is a regular column written by Rosie Green called 'Life's Rosie'. This month's theme is over-politeness - compulsive courtesy, waving at strangers just in case you know them, and pretending to remember someone when you simply can't place them and end up overcompensating....!