Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Lancet

Test cover

I was recently asked, along with several other illustrators to do a test cover for the Lancet Neurology journal. The brief was about Motor neurone disease and quite a challenge! Here is what I came up with - a simple idea of a motor neuron 'tree' with the nerve endings (dendrites) forming the branches, the axon the trunk and the roots being formed by the terminal endings. I wanted to show the tree - normally something strong, natural and healthy, slowly deteriorating with the addition of a woodpecker pecking away at the neuron trunk, showing the damage in a gentle, subtle way... I wasn't picked for the final cover, but I'm told I got second place, oh well, next time...


  1. I love this illustration. I write poetry and awoke early this morning with the idea that naked tree branches reminded me of dendrites and wanted to find images online. Your illustration came up and I think it's terrific. You should have won. If I manage a successful poem using "branches like dendrites," I'll let you know. ;-)

  2. May I use this picture in my presentation? thx