Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Basel Kantonal bank

At the end of last year I was busy working on a commission with Swiss design agency New Identity for their client Basel Kantonal bank. The brief was to produce some images for an illustrated section of the bank's annual report. It was a great brief - my job was to provide visual interpretations of various unusual place names in Basel: 'Hare's castle', '11,000 virgins alley' and 'Chamois mountain' to name a few. I was asked not to think about what the real place looked like, but was instead completely free to use the name as inspiration for my drawings. It was a fairly long process of many sketches and ideas and also involved two day trips to Basel for meetings! Here are 'Beak alley','Chamois mountain', 'House of the mosquito', 'Hare's castle' and 'Snail man'. Hare's castle wasn't actually used in the end - which is why it's slightly more colourful than the others!

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