Thursday, 24 September 2015

Illustrated bag for Chipotle

I recently illustrated a bag for Mexican fast food chain Chipotle, as part of their Cultivating thought Author series. Short illustrated stories by well known authors appear on usually plain take-out packaging, providing customers with some interesting lunchtime reading. 

My story is by Mary Roach and is about a chance meeting between two characters, one arriving at a party and the other leaving. The female character mistakes the guy for a friend of her husband's, and chats easily to him. At the end of the piece, she realises that he is in fact a complete stranger. I decided to use the two sides of the bag as two sides of the dialogue between the two characters, showing how each perceives the situation differently. My artwork takes snippets of the conversation which I have visualised in speech and thought bubbles above their heads. I really enjoyed working with Chipotle and thought it was a great project. The idea of using a bag or a cup as a canvas for visualising a story is a great one, and turns something that is usually a throwaway item into something really special and thought provoking. Visit the Cultivating thought website here.

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