Thursday, 9 June 2011

Shop update

I've just added a couple more products to my online shop - this screenprint of a hedgehog (a hog in a hedge) is available in light yellow, green and brown, or turquoise, green and dark red. They are printed on lovely thick Somerset satin paper and are a limited edition of 20. Also available is my silkscreen of a cat in a coal cellar and a polar bear in a snowstorm. You can also buy my new book 'Sixty Impossible things before lunch', priced at £14.00. Take a look!


  1. Hello! I bought your book Envelopes a few months ago and love it. Are the other books by you for children or adults? I am really happy to have discovered your blog. I really like your work.

  2. Hi there, thanks! The other books are published for children, but I think they are really for anyone, they seem to appeal to a lot of adults too!

  3. Excellent!! Regards from barcelona